10 Best TV Shows To Binge-Watch, According To Ranker (2023)

While some streamed shows - like the currently-airing Obi-Wan Kenobi -are still releasing one episode a week, the majority now tend to drop every episode in a single day. This encourages binge-watching, and is undoubtedly responsible for a shift in viewing habits, as more people move from traditional cable channels to streaming services, and the expectation that they can see an entire series the day it first airs.

Now that binge-watching is not only accepted but encouraged, certain television series have emerged as being particularly binge-able. Over 118,000 users on the rating website Rankerhave voted to determine what the most binge-able series of all time are.


The Witcher

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Based on the video game and book series of the same name,The Witcherstars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a witcher in the fantastical land of The Continent, wherein magical creatures and sorcery lead to chaos and intrigue among several compelling characters' lives.

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This fantasy drama has been one of Netflix's biggest hits of the last few years, filling the hole left for many viewers afterGame of Thronescame to an end. With the newly-released second season of the series getting a warm reception from fans, it's the perfect time to get in early with what is sure to be a long and successful run forThe Witcher.


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Shamelessis a dramedy starring Academy Award-winning actor William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher, the patriarch of a family who has sunken into alcoholism over the years. Other members of the Gallagher family fill in the gaps left by their irresponsible father, leading to hijinx and drama on a weekly basis.

With eleven seasons of drama, comedy,and some truly iconic running gags,Shamelessis the perfect show for viewers looking for a long binge. The series is beloved by its devoted fanbase and achieved critical acclaim during its run, including several Emmy wins and other awards. The series can be watched in its entirety on Netflix.

Band Of Brothers

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Band of Brothersis a 2001 historical drama telling the true story ofthe 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment fighting in Europe as World War II begins to draw to a close. The 10-episode miniseries also stars severalwell-known actors, including Tom Hardy, Donnie Wahlberg, and David Schwimmer.

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This miniseries, notable for its intense drama and tempered patriotism, is certainly a heavy watch for most viewers. However, for those interested in learning more about United States history and the proceedings of World War II, Band of Brothersis an excellent and relatively quick binge that can fulfill such desires.

Criminal Minds

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Criminal Mindsis one of the most successful crime series of all time, running for fifteen seasons and spawning several spinoff shows. The procedural, which ran for over three hundred episodes, follows a team of FBIprofilers who track down some of the nation's most wanted criminals.

This series, which is available to stream in its entirety on Paramount+, is the perfect watch for viewers that enjoy crime procedurals, as it both defined and pushed the boundaries of what a show in that genre could truly be. With over a decade's worth of episodes to watch,Criminal Mindswill keep interested viewers busy for quite some time.

The Mandalorian

The first live-action Star Wars series,The Mandalorian,premiered at Disney+'s launch in the Fall of 2019. With two seasons complete and at least two more on the way, this series is largely credited with the meteoric rise in popularity of Star Wars and Marvel streaming series, paving the way for many more spinoffs to come.

With only sixteen episodes thus far,The Mandalorianis an easy binge that a viewer could finish within the span of a couple of weeks. The episodes are relatively short and most work as self-contained stories by themselves. Viewers looking to binge this series will find big surprises along the way, as they sift throughsome of the best episodes in all of Star Wars television.

The Office

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Even almost a decade after its series finale,The Officeremains one of the most popular shows to ever grace the small screen. The show has found new popularity in its streaming life, with its stint on Netflix, and more recently Peacock, showing the comedy off to generations too young to have watched it when it aired, also spawningendlessThe Officememes that sum the show up perfectly.

Viewers looking to laugh harder than they have in a long time would make an excellent choice in beginning The Office, which boasts nine hilarious seasons of workplace comedy.Peacock is an excellent place to rewatch this iconic sitcom, as the streamer has consistently been expanding certain episodes in what has become known as "Superfan Episodes."


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Starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney,Ozarkis one of Netflix's most intriguing original series. Following the Byrd family, the series weaves a tale of drama in the criminal world as Marty Byrd attempts to keep his family safe after a botched money laundering scheme left him in debt with a dangerous gangster.

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Taking cues fromBreaking Bad,Ozarkis a fantastic show for binge-watchers looking to dip their toe into crime stories wherein a good man must do bad things. The four-season series recently aired its final episodes, making it the perfect time for new fans to binge-watch the series in its entirety.

Breaking Bad

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Breaking Badstars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a high school teacher that delves into the world of drugs after his terminal cancer diagnosis. Airing five seasons on AMC, the series was one of the most popular television series of all time, spawningthe spinoff seriesBetter Call Saul, as well as a film centered around Aaron Paul's character,El Camino.

This series is a masterclass in well-written character development, as the mild-mannered Walter White slowly transforms into the drug kingpin known as Heisenberg. The show's terrific script, memorable dialogue, and iconic villains make it the perfect series to revisit on Netflix, where it can be streamed in its entirety.

Stranger Things

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Stranger Thingsis one of the most popular Netflix original series to ever hit the streaming platform, featuring terrifying scares, big laughs,and some truly shocking plot twists.The series, which just launched the first seven episodes of its fourth season, centers around strange goings-on in a small town in Indiana.

Fans of horror will find their perfect show in Stranger Things,which takes plenty of inspiration from the better works of Stephen King. Not only is the show both scary and funny, it has become a cultural phenomenon through the years, with the cast launched to superstardom since the show's first season.

Game Of Thrones

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For years,Game of Thronesenjoyed its status as the number one show in the world, as it adapted George R. R. Martin's classic book series. Following the power struggle in a fictional kingdom, this series became infamous for leaving no characters safe from death, killing off fan favorites on a weekly basis.

Considered to be "the last water-cooler show" in the wake of the streaming boom,Game of Thronesis the perfect show for viewers looking for violence, betrayal, and political intrigue. The eight-season series may have gotten some bad press for its poorly-received final season, but fans can still relive the series' glory days on HBO Max.

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