100+ Unique Badass Last Names (2022) - The latest Collection (2023)

Badass last names are names that feel unique in a particular way. Many badass last names are a whole name. Badass last names are those that sound funny, cool, you know,Badass. Might you think it’s too much for the last name? That’s for you to decide.

If you’re looking for a cool surname that will keep your son or daughter aside from the crowd, use one of the badass last names for both. Choosing a great last name for your son or daughter is a big responsibility. Indeed, while it’s a fun experience, it can be stressful, too!

Whatever naming your baby is one of the utmost essential decisions you will make as a new parent. Like most parents on their search for a perfect last name, you may be hoping to integrate special meaning, the honour of a family or cultural tradition, or find a name that’s unique on its own.

There are surnames that people all over the world are identified with. Some of these surnames are purely inherited, whereas some are borrowed from other cultures. This list constitutes some of the badass surnames you would ever find for boys and girls.


Aldine – old

Aldaine – a hill

Amor – Love

Amherst – immortal one lived on a wooded hill

Ayala – gazelle

Armstrong – son of the strong man

Angeles – Messengers

Annesley – clearing with a hermitage

Archer – bowman

Ash – ash tree

Amanda – Lovable

Ashley – Ash tree meadow

Ayton – Passion fruits

Andilet – manly and virile gladness

Alinac – light

Amberflaw – Jewel weakness

Astaril – journey

Abordieu – little ridge

Autumnbow – to live in fall

Amberhide – Excellent Jewel

Andigre – manly and virile

Anderson – son of man

Allen – Harmony

Adams – Son of Adam

Alton – dweller at the old town

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Bancroft – beans smallholding

Brown – dark reddish complexion

Bandini – One who glues together

Bryat – strong

Bellamy – fine friend

Biden – a genus of flowering plants

Bradley – broad wood

Bambi – young girl

Blake – someone with pale hair or skin

Brooks – a stream

Bardot – water

Butler – bottle

Bailey – berry clearing

Bean – Fair-skinned

Battle – battle

Badden – Boar

Bone – good

Burton – fort enclosure

Bush – plant

Bolton – house settlement

Bartlett – Ploughman


Creed – belief

Crassus – thick

Cromwell – Lives by the winding stream

Crew – chariot

Cassidy – curly-haired

Cullen – Handsome

Carson – Christian

Collins – hill

Campbell – crooked and mouth

Chamberlain – chambers In charge

Channing – Church official

Cameron – crooked nose

Coleman – dark-skinned

Cohen – a priest

Cooper – a maker and repairer of wooden vessels

Copeland – bought land

Castellan – the warder of a prison

Carney – victorious

Collymore – the calm lake

Clutterbuck – awkward male deer

Cooke – a seller of cooked meats

Camacho – a person with bow legs

Connor – hound or wolf

Carter – Cart driver

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Dalton – valley enclosure

Danger – Serious trouble

Delaney – from the alder grove

Delila – One Who Weakened


Enger – meadow

Emmens – the son of Emma

Easton – east enclosure

Emerson – powerful

England – lived in a meadow beside the water

Ellis – Yahweh is God

Elsher – free


Foreman – strong or firm and man

Freeze – iced

Forbes – field

Frost – Born at the time of frost

Fox – A name is taken from the cunning animal

Finley – fight hero

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Grange – someone who lived by a granary

Gryffon – a fierce or dangerous person

Gramble – old

Gunn – battle

Gonzales – battle elf

Gray – a person who had grey hair

Griffin – strong lord

Gasper – master of the treasure

Gatlin – a wandering man

Gibbs – bright hostage

Gillian – Child of the gods

Grady – Noble

Gracia – Beautiful

Greene – green

Gay – full of joy

Gamble – old

Graves – the person in charge of the property

Goodman – Good guy


Halifax – Sea make similar

Houston – Hugh’s town

Havoc – the place of the hawk

Hill – a person who lived on a hill

Hansley – Beautiful and smart and caring

Hendrix – home rule

Hope – Desire Of Fulfillment

Hall – manor house

Howard – high guardian

Harris – son of home-ruler

Hudson – mind or heart

Harrington – son of who living by catching

Hutton – ridge enclosure

Hudskin – outer hood cover

Holmes – islands

Halsey – hallowed island

Hardmeat – thick meat

Hogwood – the wood frequented by hawks

Hole – depression

Holcomb – deep hollow valley

Headman – The Dark Ages

Holly – Lovable Gift of God from heaven to earth

Hilton – hill settlement

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June – young

Jenkins– little of God has graced me with a son

Jelly – the supreme god

Jones – John’s son

Johnson – son of John

Jennings – Ring of Fire

Badass Last Names Start with K

Kora – maiden

Kelly– warrior

Krul – curly

Knapp– young unmarried man

Kettle – the son ofKettle

Keller– cellar master

Kade – From the wetlands

Knight– common soldier


Lee – dweller by the wood or clearing

Luna – light

Lennox – with many elm trees

Lopez – son of wolf


Mondelli – world god

Montalli – high mountain

Massoumbert – Innocent renowned warrior

Meadowbrace – Field Of Grass arm

Mirthmantle – pleasure cloak

Mournmoon – regret moon

Massouchanteau – fortunate stone

Maschera – Battle

Magnes – marvelous

Marblewhisper – Voice of a metamorphic rock

Macherral – dear Horse one

Moltentide –liquid that breaks the yoke

Mirthcleaver – pleasure one who cleaves

Mevouitre – horse of travel

Montana – mountainous

Masterjumper – an underage male jumper

Moltenore – sun ray become liquid

Marbletail – the marks on their marbled tail

Mourningscribe – writer of sorrow of the death

Machenet – Battle of the divine mother

Montarac – mountain

Mailon – beloved

Massoullevé – prosperous and Beloved

Mirthhorn – pleasure spur of land

Madison – Mad’s son

May – Wished-for child

McKenna – son of the handsome one

Marley – pleasant seaside meadow

Melania – dark

Martinez – son of Martin

Miller – grinder of grain

Morris – swarthy

Murray – settlement by the sea

Moon – Moon

Marshall – horse servant

Mcnairy – son of the heir

Meyer – enlightener

Moore – an area of uncultivated land

Meadows – meadow

McKay – son of fire

Mosley – a peat bog

Monroe – the mouth of the Roe river

Macherral – darling horse

Moltentide – become liquid that breaks the yoke

Mirthcleaver – a pleasure to split

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Noel – Christmas

Nelsons– son of champion

Nash – someone who lived by an ash tree

Nobleman– illustrious

Neville– new town

Navas– plain near the mountains

Nutters– someone who keeps sheep

Neils– champion

Nora – heat


Poverly – powerful

Peterson – son of rock

Premier – the very best

Powell – son of Hywel

Philips – a friend of horses

Parker – park keeper

Penn – enclosure

Piggs – someone who kept a swineherd

Pierce – son of rock

Plunder – household goods and clothes

Phoenix – dark red


Quinney – descendant of Counsel

Qui – Unknown


Rose– rose, a flower

Raquel– Ewe

Raven – Dark haired or wise

Rodgers– son of Roger

Roger – famous spear

Ramirez– son of Ramiro

Ramiro – great judge

Remington– place on a riverbank

Rosenbloom– rose flower

Rivera– riverbank

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Sharpe – keen

Solace – comfort in a time of distress

Sawyer – someone who earned by sawing wood

Shaw – small wood

Smith – to smite or strike

Sullivan – black-eyed one

Stone – rock

Spencer – a dispenser of provisions

Santiago – at the heel

Sanchez – sanctified

Stoll – support

Smellie – narrow grove

Stout – steadfast

Simpleton – a simple person

Swindells – pig valley

Sasin – Moon

Slayer – a murderer

Shaffer – manager


TysonBolt– firebrand arrow

Thatcher– to cover or roof

Thompson– Son of twin

Trump– drum

Turner– who turn something

Tolliver– Metal Worker


Underwood – someone who lived in a wood

Unver – Unknown


Vargas – shoemaker

Verlice– Victory bringer

Valencia– power or force

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Young – flower

Yulon – Unknown


Wright – carpenter

Weber – to weave

Watterson – son of a mighty army

Wolfs – traveling wolf

Whitley – white meadow

Workman – a laborer

Willy – Resolute protector

Wisteria – Wister’s flower

Wenger – a sloping meadow

Wister – writer

Wagner – wagonmaker

Wales – foreigners

Wood – forest

Williams – son of determined protector

Whitfield – white open country

Wolverson – son of the wolf

Walker – a cleaner, fuller, and thickener of cloth

West – someone lived to the west region

Badass Last Names Stating with Z

Zimmerman– carpenter

Zelam – Name Of River

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