Find Out How To See Lyrics On Spotify In 2023! (2023)

When a new song or album is released, surely, you’ll be able to find that on the Spotify platform, because it is indeed one of the leading platforms that offer the best music streaming service and perks. Of course, when you feel in love with that specific song, the initial instinct is to learn more about it and sing along while you listen to it. But how will you be able to do that while using Spotify? Perhaps, you are also too curious about finding out how to see lyrics on Spotify.

You don’t have to worry if there’s a new song you aren’t familiar with. It is fortunate that Spotify has this feature that lets you view a certain track’s lyrics. What is even good is that you can do that on various devices – on your mobile gadget, on your desktop, as well as on your TV!

Apart from the above flexibility, you should also know that the process of seeing song lyrics on Spotify can be done regardless if you are using a premium or a free Spotify account! In this article, you will be exposed to the procedure via several different devices. Let us get into it right away by jumping into the first part of this post.

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Part 1. View Lyrics on Spotify via Different Devices

Since the Spotify app is supported by almost all gadgets, you can just easily install it. Because Spotify has several improvements created when it comes to promoting better user experience, they came up with introducing the “Lyrics section” wherein users can sing along with the tracks they are listening to in real-time.

Indeed, this perk also seems helpful enough especially for those who can’t understand at first what the singer is saying and would wish to go back to find out. In this part, we will immediately share how to see lyrics on Spotify in case you are using a mobile or desktop app.

See Spotify Lyrics on your iPhone App

If you are an iPhone user, you may refer to the below procedure. You need to make sure the Spotify app on your iPhone is the latest version. If not, you need to update it on Apple App Store.

Step #1. Launch the Spotify app and select the song you wish to stream. You can select one on your home page or in the “Your Library” section. Just tap it to start listening to it.

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Step #2. You shall notice a preview bar at the bottom of the screen. Drag this upward. You will then see that the lyrics of the song will be displayed below it and its cover. The song lyrics will be shown in real time allowing you to sing along while listening to it.

Step #3. In case you wish to view the lyrics in full screen, just tap the “More” option that is at the top area of the lyrics box.

In addition to this, if you would like to share specific lyric lines on Instagram or Facebook, you can do that by hitting the “share” icon button at the bottom right corner. Then highlight the desired part and tap Share again. You should remember that in order to see the lyrics on Spotify, the song must be played first. Being online is only required unless you are using a premium Spotify account and got the song available for offline streaming.

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See Spotify Lyrics on your Android App

It is also worth discussing the details of how to see lyrics on Spotify if you are an Android device user. You may check the below detailed guide.

Step #1. Open the Spotify app on your Android device and look for the song you wish to play. Move to the “Your Library” section in case you have it here and just tap it to let it start playing. Tap the “Now Playing” bar that is at the bottom of the page.

Step #2. Just swipe up from the screen’s bottom to see the lyrics. For a full-screen experience, press the expand icon at the top-right corner of the lyrics card or tap anywhere on the lyrics screen.

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In case you notice that the app is displaying wrong lyrics, alerting Spotify can be done by tapping the flag that is at the upper-right corner of the screen. There shall be options displayed to choose from – “All the lyrics are wrong”, “Some lyrics are wrong”, and “Lyrics not synced properly”.

See Spotify Lyrics on Your Computer

After discussing how to see lyrics on Spotify via the mobile app (on iOS or Android devices), we are now here to present how to find the lyrics to your songs on Spotify while using your PC.

Step #1. On your computer’s browser, head to the Spotify web player.

Step #2. Of course, you have to sign into your account using your account credentials. Once you have successfully logged in, search for the song you wish to play. Tap the “Play” icon on the song.

Step #3. There is a “microphone” icon that you will see in the “Now Playing” bar. Here, you shall see the lyrics of the song. If you wish to get out of the lyrics screen, you can either hit the “microphone” icon again or the “<” arrow.

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What is even good with this Spotify feature is that you can have the songs viewed even in different languages (English isn’t the only available language that you can use). However, though good enough, this feature of the app is still new. Hence, it is understandable that you can’t view the lyrics of all the 70 million tracks that are on the app. You will immediately know if the lyrics aren’t available to be seen once you haven’t noticed the “Lyrics” box the moment you tap the “Now Playing” bar at the bottom of the page.

As simple as following the mentioned steps of how to see lyrics on Spotify, you will be able to view the lyrics of the songs you are currently playing and sing along with them.

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Part 2. Download Spotify Songs Without Limitations

Though this post’s main agenda is to tackle how to see lyrics on Spotify, we also find it helpful to share with you this important information about how downloading copies of your Spotify favorites can be done without limitations or issues along the way.

Spotify songs are known to be protected by DRM technology hindering users to play and stream them outside the app or on unauthorized devices. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue that’s impossible to be solved. With the help of great apps like the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter, such issues can be resolved right away.

Apart from having the DRM removal ability, the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter can even aid in converting Spotify tracks to MP3. Thus, you should not worry anymore that the tracks can't be played on most media players and devices when they are in OGG Vorbis. Now you can feel free to play Spotify songs on Chromecast, Alexa or other devices.

In case you wish to consider using the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter, we have prepared a detailed procedure here that you can use as your reference.

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Step #1. Once all the app’s installation needs are fulfilled, launch it and start by adding the songs to be processed. Dragging and dropping them to the main screen shall work. Alternatively, using their URLs could also be done.

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Step #2. Choose an output format to use from the list of the supported ones. Don’t forget choosing the location of the output folder (where the converted songs will be saved).

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Step #3. Once you are all good with the setup, you just have to tap either the “Convert” or the “Convert All” button. After doing so, the app shall begin the conversion of the files. At the same time, the DRM removal process shall also happen.

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Within just a few minutes, the transformed and DRM-free copies of the chosen Spotify songs shall be available in the output folder that was set in the second step. You are now free to stream them on any device you wish to use. Saving them on external drives has now been made possible as well!

Part 3. Summary

Learning and finding out a detailed guide on how to see lyrics on Spotify is easy to do. Fortunately, the Spotify app is so flexible and can be installed on various devices. Being able to see a certain track’s lyrics is indeed a great thing as one will be able to sing along while listening to the song especially if he isn’t familiar with the lyrics or if it’s a new song that was just released.

Apart from sharing the guide of finding the lyrics to your favorite songs on Spotify here, we do hope that in case you would need a tool that can help in the downloading and conversion of Spotify songs, you will resort to apps like the TunesFun Spotify Music Converter!

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