[Full Guide] Best Windows 10 Themes: Download, Install, and Use (2023)

This post introduces top 8 Windows 10 themes that can make your computer screen look cooler. It also offers you 3 sources to get the best Windows 10 themes free download and 2 methods to apply the downloaded Microsoft themes for Windows 10. Explore the content with MiniTool now.

The Windows theme is a visual pattern that includes wallpaper, icons, pointer, screensaver, sounds, or any color style. If you want to replace the current theme with another one, you can pay attention to this post.

#1. Windows 10 Dark Theme

If you are interested in a dark & black theme, you can try Dark Space, Dark Fantasy Landscape, Grey Eve, Dark Amoled, Rose On The Moon, Ghostly Pink, Dark Cars, and Dark Abstract. These Windows 10 themes can reduce eye strain. They are good options if you have to often look at the computer screen for a long time.

#2. Windows XP Theme

Windows XP was a successful operating system. However, it officially retired on April 8, 2014. If you would like to make Windows 10 look like Windows XP, try using a Windows XP theme on your Windows 10 computer. To download and use this theme, you need to get the two add-ons on your Windows 10 PC.

  • Classic Shell: It allows customization of Windows 10 tools to change the appearance of icons, desktop, explorer menus, etc.
  • Classic Shell XP Suite for Windows 10: This enables you to get Windows XP classic theme on your system.


If you want to run Windows XP along with your Windows 10, use a Windows XP emulator.

#3. macOS Windows 10 Theme

Using a macOS Windows 10 theme enables you to enjoy a mac look without buying a new computer or performing a system switch. Here are some options for you.

  • macDocck: It comes with a host of Mac apps such as Widget, Launchpad, Siri, Finder, and Expose. It adds a Mac-like dock to the bottom of your screen and will replace the existing taskbar. Besides, you can customize the dock to show the apps you would like to see.
  • Sierra macOS Theme: It applies to both the desktop and internal folders, interface, and icons. For instance, you may see folders named About This Mac or Apple Software Update. It means that you can enjoy an entire Mac interface on your Windows 10 computer.
  • macOS Transformation Pack: Different from Sierra macOS Theme, this theme works on icons, login pages, themes, file menus, and wallpapers. It changes the style and font of the “This PC” menu, but it keeps the name of the system folders.
  • macOS Catalina: This will give you the latest interface experience from Mac to Windows. It works like the transformation pack, but it adds the dark mode.

#4. Windows 10 Ubuntu Theme

If you like the look of Ubuntu system, you can use a Windows 10 Ubuntu theme. Ubuntu SkinPack is a good option. This theme transforms your Windows UI and provides you with the experience of using Ubuntu on Windows 10. In a word, Ubuntu SkinPack refreshes your Windows interface with some great appearances.

(Video) How To Install Custom Themes In Windows 10 in 2020 (Fast and Easy) | Give your desktop a new look!

Moreover, features of this software like color theme, keyboard shortcuts, and mouse gestures can be customized. Make your Windows 10 look like Linux with this SkinPack now!

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#5. Simplify 10

As the name indicates, Simplify 10 is a clean and minimal Windows 10 theme. If you think that your Windows layout is messy, try this theme now! It stripes lots of unnecessary design elements leaving you a clean look. It includes four different versions (colorful, light, dark, and Maverick).


Maverick theme is similar to Linux distro, Ubuntu.

#6. 3D Theme

3D Theme has interesting shapes and colors. You can show off your interest in science, technology, art, or other items using this theme. It can be found on ThemePack including 17 high-definition wallpapers. Another similar theme is Paint 3D Creatures, which consists of weird yet colorful 3D creatures.

Different from 3D Theme, Paint 3D Creatures can be directly downloaded from Microsoft Store.

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#7. Anime Theme

You have multiple choices when selecting an anime theme for Windows 10. For instance, you can choose from Kakashi Hatake, Goblin Slayer, RWBY, Portgas D. Ace, Nico Robin (Devil Child) – One Piece, Solo Leveling, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and Castlevania.

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#8. Meteor Showers

Meteor Showers includes 10 images of shooting stars. You can choose one from them or get Windows to cycle through all of them. It is one of the free Windows 10 themes and can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.

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Where You Can Get Windows 10 Themes


On this website, Windows 10 themes are classified into categories like games, animes, sports, movies, nature, and so on. You just need to navigate to this website and then scroll down to the page to select a preferred category. After you find a desired theme, download it.

A direct way to get the Windows 10 themes download from this site is to click on the Search icon at the upper right corner of the page and then input your preferred theme and hit Enter. Then follow the on-screen instructions to download it. All the available themes on this site are free.


Themes on this site can be used in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7, so they are not merely Microsoft themes for Windows 10.

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Where are themes stored in Windows 10? A lot of users doubt that. After executing some tests, I find that the downloaded Windows 10 themes are stored in the Downloads folder on the PC.


This website also includes various free Windows 10 themes. These themes are roughly divided into Animals, Anime, Art, Cars, Cartoons, Comics, Games, Movies & TV, Music, Nature, People, Places, and Sports shown on the top of the website page. You can click on one category to look for your desired Windows 10 themes.

(Video) Best Windows 10 Theme Ever | My All Time Favourite Theme - With Transparency Effect .

Alternatively, you can click Best Themes to get its recommended Microsoft themes for Windows 10. You are able to click on the Search icon at the upper right corner, input your expected themes, and press Enter. Then the website will help you search for them. After that, get the Windows 10 themes download by following prompted instructions.


Almost all themes on themes10.win are available on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

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Microsoft Store

You can also get free Windows 10 themes from Microsoft Store or directly download themes online from Microsoft support page. Here’s the Windows 10 themes download tutorial.

Step 1: Navigate to the Microsoft support page.

Step 2: Tap on the Windows 10 tab. Then you have two options to get the best Windows 10 themes free download.

Option A: Microsoft Store

  1. Click on the Explore themes in the Microsoft Store
  2. Click Open Microsoft Store in the prompted window.
  3. Click on a preferred Window 10 theme in Microsoft Store and click Open.

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(Video) How to Download and Install Themes for Windows 10

Option B: Download Windows 10 Themes Online

Scroll down the Microsoft support page and you can find that themes are classified into categories below. Click on the down icon to expand one category. Then click on the download link to get Windows 10 themes download.

[Full Guide] Best Windows 10 Themes: Download, Install, and Use (6)

After you perform the best Windows 10 themes free download from above sources, you may wonder where are themes stored in Windows 10. Like other items downloaded online, Windows 10 themes downloads are included in the Download folder on the PC.

How to Set the Downloaded Windows 10 Themes as Desktop Background

After you get Windows 10 themes downloads, you can set it as your desktop background via two methods.

Method 1: Use Settings

  • Open Settings by pressing Windows and I
  • Click Personalization.
  • Click Background > click on the downloaded picture. If you don’t see the downloaded Windows 10 themes, click Browse to find them.


Alternatively, you can also click Themes, and then choose a preferred theme under the Change theme section.

[Full Guide] Best Windows 10 Themes: Download, Install, and Use (7)

Method 2: Use the Set as Desktop Background Option

If the picture is on your computer screen, simply right-click on it and choose the Set as desktop background option.

(Video) The Best Windows Customization Guide of 2023 | How to Install the Best Windows Themes!

[Full Guide] Best Windows 10 Themes: Download, Install, and Use (8)

With this post, you can get the best Windows 10 themes free download and then apply them. Apart from that, I would like to introduce an all-in-one partition manager – MiniTool Partition Wizard. It can help you increase disk space, find duplicate files/folders, copy disk, migrate OS to SSD/HD, convert FAT to NTFS (vice versa), convert GPT to MBR (vice versa), recover data, etc.


How to install Windows 10 theme? ›

To change your current theme: Click Start > Settings > Personalization > Themes. Under "Change theme", click the tile to switch to the theme you'd like to use.

How do I download Windows Themes without signing in? ›

Alternatively, you can go to the Microsoft Store website: Windows themes - Microsoft Store. The themes will still be downloaded and installed via the app, but you don't necessarily need a Microsoft account to download the free ones.

Is it safe to download Windows Themes? ›

Think twice before installing custom Windows 10 themes

"These gimmicky themes are clearly not created with security in mind, and at the risk of exposing passwords and other sensitive data, I would suggest users think twice when installing them," Jake Moore, a cybersecurity specialist at ESET, says.

How to download free Themes? ›

Installing Themes for Android in the Google Play Store

The themes below all require CMM Launcher. You can download CMM Launcher and search for themes to install on your device within the app, or you can download the themes directly from Google Play. Installing the launcher may not automatically apply the theme.

Which app is best for Themes? ›

The best Android themes and customizations
  • Action Launcher.
  • Energy Bar (or Energy Ring)
  • Facer.
  • Gboard.
  • KWGT and KLWP.
  • Nova Launcher.
Dec 27, 2022

How do I make Windows 10 look amazing? ›

Steps to make your desktop look cool
  1. Type “Settings” into the bottom right search bar in the Start Menu.
  2. Select the Settings app.
  3. Click Personalization.
  4. Select Themes and look for the Desktop icon settings. ...
  5. Uncheck all the Windows icons you don't want to see on your desktop.
Jan 14, 2022

How do I manually install a theme? ›

To begin, log in to your WordPress account.
  1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes. ...
  2. On the Themes page, select Add New at the top of the page. ...
  3. Choose a theme. ...
  4. Click Download to begin the installation process. ...
  5. Click Activate once complete. ...
  6. Navigate to Appearance > Themes.
Feb 8, 2021

How do I download and install a theme? ›

Download and add a Chrome theme
  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More. Settings.
  3. Under "Appearance," click Themes. You can also go to the gallery by visiting Chrome Web Store Themes.
  4. Click the thumbnails to preview different themes.
  5. When you find a theme you'd like to use, click Add to Chrome.

What is the default theme for Windows 10? ›

The default theme for Windows 10 is the "aero. theme" file in the "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" folder. Option 1 or 2 in the tutorial below can help show you how to change your theme to the default "Windows" theme if needed. Was this reply helpful?

Can you bypass Windows login screen? ›

In the Command Prompt window, type net user username “” and press Enter. Replace username with your actual Windows account name. This will reset your Windows 10 password to blank. Close the Command Prompt window and click Sign in on the login screen to log in to Windows 10 without a password.

How do I get more Themes for Microsoft? ›

Microsoft To Do will automatically use your Android theme settings. If you'd like To Do to use a different theme, open your To Do settings and select Theme. You can select from Use my System theme, Light theme, or Dark theme.

How do I get a Windows theme pack? ›

How do I create a theme pack for Windows 10? Right-click a blank area of the desktop, select Personalize, and go to Themes. Select a background, accent color, Windows sound, and mouse cursor. Click the Save theme button, enter a name for the theme, and click Save.

Can themes contain viruses? ›

Can a WordPress plugin or theme contain a virus? Yeah. Easily. Especially plugins or themes that have not been downloaded from reputable sources like the WordPress plugin directory or marketplaces like Envato.

What is the safest download manager? ›

Best Download Managers for Windows in 2022
  • Ninja Download Manager.
  • Free Download Manager.
  • EagleGet.
  • uGet.
  • Xtreme Download Manager.
  • aria2.
  • Internet Download Accelerator.
  • Free Rapid Downloader.
Dec 20, 2021

What bloatware is safe to remove Windows 10? ›

Which bloatware is safe to remove from Windows 10?
  • QuickTime.
  • CCleaner.
  • uTorrent.
  • Adobe Flash Player.
  • Shockwave Player.
  • Microsoft Silverlight.
  • Toolbars and Junk Extensions in your Browser.

How to get premium themes for free? ›

You need to use WordPress.org, which is free. It has all the flexibility you need, and lets you add themes and plugins to your website. Before you start, you will also need to purchase a domain name and web hosting. A domain name is your site's address on the web, like wpbeginner.com.

Are themes on Google free? ›

You can select from thousands of themes using the Chrome Web Store, and despite what the word "store" might suggest, most themes are free.

What is the Teme? ›

teme (plural temes) A meme which lives in a technological artifact rather than the human mind.

What are 3 very common themes? ›

10 common themes in writing
  • 1 Beauty.
  • 2 Good vs. evil.
  • 3 Coming-of-age.
  • 4 Loyalty.
  • 5 Betrayal.
  • 6 Life and death.
  • 7 Justice.
  • 8 Family.
Jun 29, 2022

What are some powerful themes? ›

10 Most Popular Literary Theme Examples
  • Love. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the number one spot on our list goes to the theme of love. ...
  • Death. Coming in at a close second is another of life and literature's universal themes: death. ...
  • Good vs. ...
  • Coming of age. ...
  • Power and corruption. ...
  • Survival. ...
  • Courage and heroism. ...
  • Prejudice.

Which is the best theme launcher? ›

The premium version gives you even more ways to customize the launcher to your preferred look and feel.
  • Microsoft Launcher. ...
  • Action Launcher: Pixel Edition. ...
  • Smart Launcher 6. ...
  • POCO Launcher 2.0 - Customize, Xiaomi Inc. ...
  • BIG Launcher. BIG Launcher. ...
  • Launcher iOS 16. Apps Genz. ...
  • Lynx Launcher. N116 Soft. ...
  • Wide Launcher. Shouter Inc.
Jan 5, 2023

Which app is best for templates free? ›

In this article, we'll present the five best free photo template apps for iPhone and Android in 2023.
  1. 5 Best Free Photo Template Apps for iPhone & Android. ...
  2. YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Template App. ...
  3. Canva. ...
  4. Picsart. ...
  5. BeautyPlus. ...
  6. UniStory: Instagram Story Template App.
Nov 14, 2022

How do I get theme ideas? ›

If you're struggling to recognize a theme for your story, consider the following tips:
  1. Seek Universal Themes. ...
  2. Choose a Theme That Sticks With Your Reader. ...
  3. Start With Another Story Element. ...
  4. Create an Outline. ...
  5. Weave Your Theme Throughout the Narrative. ...
  6. Include Multiple Themes. ...
  7. Don't Limit Yourself.
Aug 26, 2021

What cool things can Windows 10 do? ›

Hidden Features in Windows 10 You Should Be Using
  • 1) GodMode. Become an omnipotent deity of your computer by enabling what's called GodMode. ...
  • 2) Virtual Desktop (Task View) ...
  • 3) Scroll Inactive Windows. ...
  • 4) Play Xbox One Games On Your Windows 10 PC. ...
  • 5) Keyboard Shortcuts.

How do I completely customize Windows 10? ›

Windows 10 makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your desktop. To access the Personalization settings, right-click anywhere on the desktop, then select Personalize from the drop-down menu. The Personalization settings will appear.

How do I use theme launcher? ›

Apply the theme via your Launcher
  1. Press & Hold on an empty spot on your home screen.
  2. Tap settings. You can also edit wallpaper, Live wallpapers and add widgets from this screen.
  3. Look for “Display,” “Look & Feel,” “Personalization,” “Theme,” etc. ...
  4. Look for Icon pack or theme options. ...
  5. Choose from your installed themes!
Mar 7, 2022

How do I get my old theme back? ›

How to Get Your Old Android Theme Back
  1. On your Android phone, tap Settings for your launcher theme.
  2. Tap Select Default Launcher. This may be phrased differently depending on the launcher you're using.
  3. Tap System Launcher.
  4. Your phone is now restored to the home screen you first had.
Jun 24, 2021

How do I enable theme editor? ›

To enable the theme editor, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Appearance, select one theme (any one you like) and activate it.
  2. In this activated theme, go to Appearance → Editor → select the theme to edit (on the top right, above Templates. ...
  3. Now select config. ...
  4. Now click on Update file.

When you install a theme where will the theme files be stored? ›

All themes in /wp-content/themes/ directory are available for Activation and Update (when update is provided by theme author), but only one theme from this directory can be Active. When theme is Activated it means that this theme's style and functionality (look and behavior) will be applied on your site.

What is theme Store app? ›

About this app

We also offer recommended collections that help give your phone a distinctly individual and local style. 3. A seamless user experience: Share, favorite, and set themes, fonts, wallpapers, and video ringtones in one simple tap.

Is the app Themes free? ›

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Now, I don't write reviews that often but when I do, it will be for the most amazing apps ever. This app gives you many different themes and ways to download and use them, all for free!

Are there any Themes for Windows 10? ›

How to install Windows 10 themes
  • First, right-click on the Start menu and then choose Settings.
  • From there, you will want to pick Personalization on the far right of the panel, which is where you can change your background, lock screen, and more.
  • On the sidebar, choose Themes.
Feb 26, 2020

Which theme is set by default? ›

The default theme is Office Theme, with a white background and dark, subtle colors.

Can you create your own theme in Windows 10? ›

Create a Custom Windows 10 Theme. To create your personalized theme, head to Settings > Personalization > Background. Under the “Choose your picture” section, click the Browse button and select the folder that contains the image you want to use. Then choose a fit – typically, “Fill” works best for high-quality images.

Where can I find Windows Themes? ›

One can find all installed themes in Windows 10 by navigating to Settings > Personalization > Themes page. The Themes page lists all themes, including built-in themes. As you might have noticed, when you right-click on a theme on the Themes page, it offers you only the Delete option to delete the selected theme.

Where can I download Windows wallpapers? ›

Those small wallpapers from old CRT monitors won't cut it anymore.
Now, let's get into the list of the best free wallpaper websites.
  • InterfaceLIFT. ...
  • Wallhaven. ...
  • Reddit. ...
  • Simple Desktops. ...
  • WallpaperStock. ...
  • HDwallpapers. ...
  • WallpapersWide.
May 26, 2022

Does Windows 10 have Themes? ›

Windows 10 Themes provide a quick way to customize your PC with color-coordinated menus, unique system sounds, and an extensive gallery of desktop background pictures.

Where is the theme directory? ›

The themes directory is located within wp-content and is named themes . This is the directory that contains all the themes available on your website. Each individual folder in here is a separate theme.

Where can I find theme editor? ›

Theme editor is a simple text editor in WordPress located at Appearance » Editor. It allows you to modify WordPress theme files from the admin area. You can see the preview of the theme editor in the screenshot below. On the right hand of the editor, there is the list of editable files in the currently active theme.

Does changing Windows theme affect performance? ›

It depends on the theme and laptop. Usually, a little bit. But a lot of little bits turn into a big bit, so I would not recommend using them anyway. If you have anything 'automatic' in themes, make sure it's off - that would reduce the waste of power and performance.

How do I use multiple Themes in Windows 10? ›

Simply open Settings, select Personalization, Themes, and then Get more themes in the Store. Once downloaded, click on Launch to open your Settings screen. You'll find it alphabetically in your Themes list – just click on it to make it your new theme. That's it!

What is the best free wallpaper site? ›

Unsplash has the perfect desktop wallpaper for you. Our wallpapers come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and they're all free to download.


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