How to Randomize Photos in a Folder [Efficient Methods 2022] (2023)

Are you trying to organize your photo library in a way that follows no pattern of date or name order?

Well, you have come to the right place.

I have been working as a photo editor for several years and I know the challenges you might encounter while randomizing photos in a folder. From my year-long experience I know, disarranging photos are much more complicated than systemizing them. Probably, you have realized this, if you have tried to do so.

In this article, I will be sharing the productive methods of image shuffling, and creating a random slideshow using your stock software.

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into the main topic. Make sure you read this article till the end to get proper expertise in photo disarranging.How to Randomize Photos in a Folder [Efficient Methods 2022] (1)

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Shuffle Photos in a Folder in Windows

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How to Generate a Randomized Slideshow on Windows?

How to Randomize Photos on Mac?


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Shuffle Photos in a Folder in Windows

Shuffling photos in a folder might come in handy when you are in need of creating a collage of wedding photos or making a slideshow for office work.

I hate to break it to you that, there is no permanent way to randomize your photos in a folder. But, if you follow my instructions precisely, you will be able to do that without any issues. So, sit tight and read the following methods.

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Here are the methods to randomize photos in a folder:

Use Windows File Explorer

As I explained earlier, windows file explorer doesn’t allow any direct approach to shuffle your photos. Here my tricks will come in handy. You will have to tweak your brain a little bit to get the job done.

Here’s how you can use Windows file explorer to mix up photos:

  • Open the File Explorer and move to the folder that you intend to work on.
  • Select the View tab from the dashboard.
  • Click on sort by and you shall see various options to organise the folder.How to Randomize Photos in a Folder [Efficient Methods 2022] (2)
  • Play with the sort by You shall see different criteria such as Name, Date, Size, and so on.
  • Choose a couple of photos and short them with ascending size. Choose different others and short them by their names.

Moreover, you need to be creative with the options. Don’t just select all of them and sort by single criteria. Sort with different options, and in a few minutes, they will be randomized.

This one is the simplest method you can find to shuffle your images in a folder. If you are in search of something different, try the following methods.

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Disable Auto Arrange

If you are using Windows 10 and trying to arrange files in the order you prefer, you will see that there is a feature that automatically arranges the files inside the file explorer.

In the previous windows versions, you could disable auto arrange without any problems but the latest windows versions don’t allow you to. But, don’t worry. I will explain how you can do that.

Here’s how you can disable auto arrange:

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  • Open Windows run command by pressing Windows + R key at the same time.
  • Type in regedit in the command box and press enter on your keyboard.
  • Click on HKYE_ Current_ user and navigate to the following path: Software > Classes > Local Settings > Microsoft > Windows > Shell.How to Randomize Photos in a Folder [Efficient Methods 2022] (3)
  • Expand the Shell menu and locate the sub-key named Bags.
  • Right-click on bags and click on Delete.

You have completed the first of disabling the auto-arrange feature. For the next step, follow the exact steps as the first and navigate to a different path: Software > Microsoft > Windows > ShellNoRoam.

You have to expand the ShellNoRoam menu, locate the bugs subkey and delete it like the previous one.

Restart your computer to save the changes. Go to the photo folder you want to randomize. Click on the View tab and there you shall see the option of auto arrange to disable.

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The Bulk Rename Utility

This third-party utility is valid if you are arranging a lot of photos. The previous methods are useful if you utilize them for a small project. But, in the case of handling tons of photos, you will have to use a third-party utility for sure.

Bulk rename utility renames files, folders or both. Can change the file names in huge portions.

Here’s how you can use the application to randomize photos:

  • Download the utility from the official website and install it on your computer.
  • Open the folder with the application and select Action > Random sort.
  • Select the Numbering field from the bottom right and from the drop-down menu select suffix
  • Select the Rename The selected photos will be renamed with random numbers.

In case you don’t want to name the photos with numbers, you can choose Names from the drop-down menu.

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How to Generate a Randomized Slideshow on Windows?

You can use windows tools to randomize slideshow. This process is for you if you want to randomize photos in a folder to make a slideshow.

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Here’s how you can use file explorer to create a slideshow:

  • Press Windows + E keys together to open the file explorer.
  • Move to the folder that contains the photos that you intend to use to generate a slideshow.
  • Select any of the photos and locate picture tools on the dashboard under
  • Click on the slideshow option to start the process. How to Randomize Photos in a Folder [Efficient Methods 2022] (4)
  • Select only the photos you plan to make a slideshow with by simply holding the Ctrl key and using your mouse to click on the selected photos.
  • Right-click on the display and click on Shuffle to randomize the image appearing.

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There you go. You have successfully generated a slideshow on your own. You can also create a slideshow with the windows photo viewer in case you are not comfortable with the explained manner.

Here’s how you can create a slideshow using the Windows photo viewer:

  • Open the file explorer and move to the folder you have selected in your mind.
  • Right-click on any of the photos.
  • Click on Open With > Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Press the F11 key to start the process.
  • Right-click on the display and select Shuffle from the list.

These are the proper methods you can use if you want to generate a randomized slideshow with your photos.

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How to Randomize Photos on Mac?

Shuffling photos is not actually allowed in Mac. But, you can use the screensaver to shuffle your photo album.

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Here’s how you can shuffle photos on Mac:

  • Open the system preference by pressing Alt + F2
  • Move to Desktop & Screensaver option from there.
  • Select a photo template from the left column.
  • Set a source of the photos from the right column. You can select the photo library if there are no specified sources.
  • Wait for a while till the photos appear on your screen and select the album you want to shuffle.
  • Tick on the Shuffle slider order and start the screensaver.

You are all set. You can also use an Apple script to shuffle the photos in your album. But you have to use that every time before starting the slideshow.

These are the proper ways if you want to randomize photos in a folder or make a slideshow of your favorite moment. Simply, follow the instructions I have mentioned here and you will face no dilemma.

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The last thing I would like to add is, shuffling images in a folder can be complicated. But, don’t follow every other tricks you see on the internet and don’t download pre- customed bat files from an unknown source to rearrange your folder.

If you have read this word and followed every instruction I have written, shuffling images in a folder won’t be a problem for you.

But, then again, if you face any difficulties implementing the methods, feel free to comment below. I will be happy to help.

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How do you randomize the order of photos? ›

  1. Go to your gallery.
  2. Enter the Organizer ("Organize").
  3. Press Control + Shift + R on your keyboard (at least on a Mac).
  4. A dialog will open asking if you are sure you want to randomize the gallery. Click Yes.
6 Aug 2017

How do I rearrange the order of pictures in a folder? ›

How can to rearrange pictures in a folder in Windows 10?
  1. Press Windows + E keys from the keyboard to open File Explorer.
  2. Open the Pictures folder.
  3. Click on View option in the tool bar, expand Sort by option to find the arrangements options.
11 May 2016

Can you randomize the order of files in a folder? ›

Windows Explorer controls the display order. There is no way to randomly order them without changing the filenames. The same applies when using dir from a command prompt - you're restricted to a limit number of ordering options, which you can see by typing dir /? at a command prompt.

How do I make a random slideshow of pictures? ›

Shuffle feature in Photos App
  1. Launch the Photos app and navigate to Settings > Options > Turn ON Shuffle Photos.
  2. Go to the folder with the photos you want to use in the slide show.
  3. Right click within the app and click Slide show.
12 Dec 2015

How do I sequentially number pictures in a folder? ›

  1. Create and name a folder. Put the relevant pictures in the folder, as shown in the following image:
  2. Press Ctrl + a to select all the photos in the folder. ...
  3. Name the pictures by type (for example, Wallpaper). ...
  4. The files should be renamed and numbered in parentheses.

What is the best program for organizing photos? ›

Best photo organizing software in 2022
  1. Adobe Lightroom Classic. The best photo organizing software overall, though images must be imported first. ...
  2. Apple Photos. ...
  3. Google Photos. ...
  4. Adobe Bridge. ...
  5. Adobe Elements Organizer. ...
  6. ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2022. ...
  7. Corel PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2022. ...
  8. CyberLink PhotoDirector.
6 Jun 2022

How do I arrange things in a folder? ›

Move or Copy Folders and Files
  1. Click to highlight the folder or file to move.
  2. Click the Home tab. From here, you can move a folder or file, or make a copy of it.
  3. Move the folder or file by clicking Move to. ...
  4. Click Choose location if the desired folder isn't listed. ...
  5. Choose the destination folder, and then click Move.

Is there a program to sort photos? ›

For existing Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, Adobe Bridge is one of the best photo management software options you have, because you already have access. It has robust tools for organizing and categorizing photos, with the option of manual and automated labelling and metadata tweaking.

What is the best way to randomize? ›

The most common and basic method of simple randomization is flipping a coin.

What is the correct method to select multiple random files in a folder? ›

Select multiple files or folders that are not grouped together. Click the first file or folder, and then press and hold Ctrl . While holding Ctrl , click each of the other files or folders you want to select.

What does randomize () do? ›

Randomize uses Number to initialize the Rnd function's random-number generator, giving it a new seed value. If you omit Number , the value returned by the system timer is used as the new seed value.

How do you make a slideshow with multiple pictures? ›

5 Different Ways To Quickly Insert Multiple Images In PowerPoint
  1. Copy and paste images into your slide. ...
  2. Use the Insert menu in PowerPoint. ...
  3. Use the layout option in PowerPoint. ...
  4. Use the 'Shape Fill with Pictures' option. ...
  5. Use the SmartArt option.

How do I make a continuous slideshow of pictures? ›

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Click the [Slide Show] tab > From the "Set Up" group, click "Set Up Slide Show". From the resulting dialogue box, check "Loop continuously until 'Esc'" under the "Show options" section > Click [OK].

How do I renumber a batch of photos? ›

You can batch rename images in Windows by selecting (Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select several files; Ctrl+A to select all) and pressing right-click > "Rename". Your file names will look like image (1), image (2), image (3) etc.

How do I make multiple folders in numerical order? ›

Here's how:
  1. Go to the Start menu, type in 'command prompt,' and select the Best match.
  2. In the Command prompt, type in the following command and hit Enter to create your folders: md Folder1 Folder2 Folder3 Folder4 Folder5.
24 Jan 2022

How do I automatically number files in a folder? ›

Right click on the first file/folder and select Rename. Type in the name you want to use and press Enter. All the files/folders will now have the same name but with sequential numbers.

How do you organize thousands of photos? ›

How to Organize Digital Photos
  1. Step 1: Delete Unnecessary Photos Right Away. ...
  2. Step 2: Organize Photos into Albums or Folders. ...
  3. Step 3: Edit Photos as Needed. ...
  4. Step 4: Download and Back Up Your Photos. ...
  5. Step 5: Delete Photos from Other Devices.
26 Jun 2022

What is the easiest way to collect a group of pictures? ›

Google Drive and Google Photos are well-known for file sharing and photo organization, respectively. Just about everybody is familiar with the Google suite and its applications. And you can use both Drive or Photos to gather photos from a group.

What is the best folder structure for photos? ›

You can call this whatever you want, such as “Master Photos Folder” or “Photos” or “Pictures”. This is going to be the main folder where all your image files are kept. Having one folder helps by keeping everything in one place, so it's nice and neat.

How does Marie Kondo organize photos? ›

Kondo recommends that you go through each photo one by one and only keep those that truly spark joy for you. The easiest way to organize the photos that you decide to keep is grouping them by year. Another thing Kondo suggests is taking what sparks joy and displaying it for you and your guests to see.

How do I organize pictures in a folder on my computer? ›

How To Organize Photos On Your Computer
  1. Organizing your pictures by the year they were taken.
  2. Label each image folder according to the event or location.
  3. Add keywords to your pictures to make them easier to locate.
  4. Store your images on an external hard drive.

How can I organize my folders better? ›

To sort files, open the folder containing all the files you'd like to organize, right-click within the folder, select Sort by, and then select how you want to sort the files: by name, date, type, size, or tags. Then it's easier to organize computer files from a certain time range.

What are the 5 ways to arrange and organize space? ›

5 Steps To Organize Any Space
  • Pick a Space.
  • Make a List of the Problems.
  • Brainstorm Solutions.
  • Make a Plan.
  • Get it Done.

How do I organize photos and purge? ›

How to Declutter Photos in Your Home
  1. Think about your goals. Before you begin to declutter the photos, think about what your goals are. ...
  2. Gather together. First you are going to gather all of your photos together. ...
  3. Sort. Sort the pictures in time order to the best of your ability. ...
  4. Declutter. ...
  5. Organize.

Does Microsoft have a photo organizer? ›

After you upload photos, OneDrive helps you organize and find your photos with features such as photo search, tags, and albums.

How do professional photographers manage their photos? ›

Ahead, professional photographers share their top tips for doing all of that, without losing your memories or your mind.
  • Backup images on the cloud.
  • Stock up on memory cards and external hard drives.
  • Use your editing software for backup and organization.
  • Invest in a network-attached storage device.
6 May 2019

What are the 3 steps for randomization? ›

The process of randomising participants into a trial has three different steps: sequence generation, allocation concealment, and implementation (see box 3).

What are the methods of randomization? ›

How To Randomize?
  • Simple Randomization. Randomization based on a single sequence of random assignments is known as simple randomization. ...
  • Block Randomization. ...
  • Stratified Randomization. ...
  • Covariate Adaptive Randomization.

How do you make a randomizer? ›

To create it, place a dropper, hopper, and comparator as shown. Then put items of varying stack size into the dropper, e.g. a sword and a piece of dirt. When you power the dropper, it will put an item into the hopper, turning on the comparator.

Which key is used for random selection of files and folders? ›

Hold down the control key (Ctrl). Click on the other files or folders that you want to select while holding the control key. Continue to hold down the control key until you select all the files you want.

How do you select a consecutive group of files or folders? ›

To select any consecutive group of files or folders, left-click the first item, press and hold down the Shift key, and left-click the last item.

What is the easiest way to select all files in a folder? ›

Pressing the Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut will select all files and folders included within a directory.

What is random shuffle? ›

Python Random shuffle() Method

The shuffle() method takes a sequence, like a list, and reorganize the order of the items. Note: This method changes the original list, it does not return a new list.

What is randomize statement? ›

Randomize uses number to initialize the Rnd function's random-number generator, giving it a new seed value. If you omit number, the value returned by the system timer is used as the new seed value.

What does it mean to randomize data? ›

selecting a random sample of a population (important in statistical sampling); allocating experimental units via random assignment to a treatment or control condition; generating random numbers (random number generation); or. transforming a data stream (such as when using a scrambler in telecommunications).

Can I put an entire folder of photos in a slideshow? ›

1: View Pictures as a Slide Show in File Explorer

Open File Explorer and click on the folder with your photos. Click on Picture Tools below Manage. Click on Slide Show to begin. Click ESC to exit.

How do I make a slideshow of files? ›

Make a slide show that starts automatically when opened
  1. Select File > Save as (or Save a Copy).
  2. Click More options.
  3. Browse to the folder where you want to save your presentation.
  4. In the File name box, type a name for your presentation.
  5. Under Save as type, select PowerPoint Show.

Does Microsoft have a free slideshow maker? ›

Free Slideshow Maker & Video Editor.

How many pictures should you put in a slideshow? ›

However, a good rule of thumb is 25-35 pictures per average length song (about 3-4 minutes) It works best to select a sequence of pictures and a song to match in order to break down and manage the project so it all flows together smoothly.

How many photos do I need for a 30 minute slideshow? ›

In general, each photo will have a 7 second screen time (including transition time between photos). So, that would equal about 8-9 photos per minute.

How do I randomize photos in Apple photos? ›

Then I was able to start Photos, select the photos in my album that I wanted to shuffle and choose menu item "Photos" -> "Services" -> "Random Title Image Selection" and random titles were added to my photos. I sorted by Title and then created my slideshow project which used that order. Success!

Is there a way to rearrange photos in Camera Roll? ›

To move a photo in that album, tap and hold the photo until it enlarges. Slowly move the photo until it starts to get smaller, then put it wherever you want it in the album. The other photos will rearrange themselves accordingly.

How do you shuffle photos in iOS? ›

Select Photo Shuffle from the top row of options. On the Photo Shuffle screen, set a frequency (On Tap, On Lock, Hourly, or Daily). Then choose a set of photos that will shuffle as you use your iPhone throughout the day. Tap Done.

How do you shuffle photos on iPhone? ›

How to Create Photo Shuffle on Your iPhone
  1. Unlock your iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID. ...
  2. Long-press on the Lock Screen. ...
  3. Tap on the blue plus (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Select Photo Shuffle from the top. ...
  5. To manually create a Photo Shuffle, choose Select Photos Manually.
14 Oct 2022

How do I auto take multiple pictures? ›

For Android users

-- Open the camera app, press and keep holding the shutter button. -- This automatically activates the Burst Mode and clicks multiple photos until you release the button.

How do I randomize photos in Google photos? ›

It is available for both Android and iOS users. In order to use this feature, the user has to long press the Google Photo icon, after which an option, which reads 'I'm feeling lucky', will pop up, tapping on that option will take the user to the randomly chosen set of photos and videos.

How do I Auto organize photos on my iPhone? ›

Here's how:
  1. Go to an album, then tap the More button .
  2. Tap Sort, then choose a sorting option, like Custom Order, Oldest to Newest, or Newest to Oldest.
5 Oct 2021

How do you organize and manage thousands of photos? ›

Lost in the Shuffle: Keeping Your Digital Photos Stored and Organized for Good
  1. Name Your Photos. ...
  2. Use Folders (and Subfolders… and Sub-Subfolders) ...
  3. Identify Photos by Their Attributes. ...
  4. Use Favorites, but Use Them Wisely. ...
  5. Don't Fear the Delete Button. ...
  6. Create a Central Hub. ...
  7. Invest in a Quality External Hard Drive.
4 Sept 2019

How do I organize and sort old photos? ›

How to organize old photos
  1. Clarify the "why" of why you're doing this. ...
  2. Start with physical photos first, apply what you learn to your digital library. ...
  3. Get all of the photos in one place. ...
  4. Sort chronologically, by person, or by theme. ...
  5. Finally, sort into 3 subcategories, and put the winners into your album.
26 May 2020

How do I rearrange photos in an album 2022 iPhone? ›

Edit and organize albums on iPhone
  1. Tap Albums, then tap See All.
  2. Tap Edit, then do any of the following: Rename: Tap the album name, then enter a new name. Rearrange: Touch and hold the album's thumbnail, then drag it to a new location. Delete: Tap. .
  3. Tap Done.

Can you shuffle photos in iPhone album? ›

Tap some photos in your photo library to include in the shuffle, then tap Add. Tap the ellipsis button (the three encircled dots) in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Tap Shuffle Frequency, then choose from Daily, Hourly, On Wake, and On Tap.

How does shuffle work on iPhone? ›

How to shuffle all songs or albums in your library
  1. Open the Apple Music app.
  2. At the bottom of your screen, tap Library.
  3. Tap Songs or Albums.
  4. At the top of Songs or Albums, tap the Shuffle button.
14 Jun 2021

Is there genius shuffle on iPhone? ›

Genius Playlist is an advanced form of “shuffle” feature in Apple music application which will play songs according to your will. All you have to do is select a song and Apple will select other songs like these in your library to make a Playlist.

What is shuffle slideshow? ›

You can make it so that pictures are shown in a random order when you start a slideshow. To do this, open the application menu on the top bar, click Preferences, and go to the Plugins tab. Then, check Slideshow Shuffle and close the dialog.

How do I use AutoWall? ›

How to Add and Customize the AutoWall Shortcut
  1. Once you're ready, open the link for the AutoWall shortcut in the browser on your iPhone or iPad, then tap the “Get Shortcut” button. ...
  2. Now, go to the “My Shortcuts” tab and tap the three-dot menu button on the “AutoWall” shortcut. ...
  3. Confirm by tapping the “OK” button.
23 Dec 2020


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