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  • Advanced search

    Multi-criteria search in all Television and/or Radio collections. Certain criteria are common to both Television and Radio. Others are specific to one of them.

  • Broadcast date

    Date at which the programme was broadcast for the first time. For Radio, this field is not always informed.

  • Carrier

    Equipment on to which a programme is recorded. One programme can be recorded on to several items of the same type of equipment when the programme is long, and on to several different types of equipment (BVU, Beta SP, etc.), when Ina possesses a recording of the entire programme broadcast (so-called Parallel TV cassette or KP) and/or a version containing only edited news reports without studio output or inlaid logos (so-called edited cassette or KM).

  • Clip

    An extract of a complete programme described by Ina archivists in a documentary note.

  • Collection

    Programmes produced by the same company. For example: France 2, AFP, TF1.

  • Content description

    Description of the different subjects covered in a magazine or news programme.

  • Credits and authors

    A field comprising the role (director, presenter, participant, etc), the family name and first name of the people behind the programme, and other participants.

  • Descriptor

    A term used in archive databases, meaning a word or group of words contained in a thesaurus, chosen from a number of similar terms to represent an idea with no possible ambiguity. For example: “British” covers “English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh”.

  • Documentary note

    A number of fields of information and description of a programme, a clip from a programme, or a news report.

  • Field

    An area that structures information in a documentary note. Examples: Title, Genre, Broadcast date.

  • Indexing information

    Ina archivists add certain descriptors to what is known as indexing information. For example: for the descriptor “volcano”, the indexing information could be “Vesuvius”. This would be written as follows: “Volcano (Vesuvius).

  • Isolated note

    Describes an isolated programme, not attached to a collection.

  • Link to original programme

    For news reports, the link takes the user to a summary note; for parts of a videogram to a videogram note.

  • Links to news reports

    Take the user – via note numbers – to notes on the news reports featured in news bulletins and programmes.

    (Video) Nazi Germany - Pictures of the Madness (1937 - 1939)

  • Modification date

    Date of the latest modification made to a documentary note.

  • News report

    Item of a magazine programme or television news programme.

  • News report note

    Describes a news report.

  • Notes (only for Radio)

    Various information on content (interruptions in a soundtrack, interference, etc.).

  • Notes (only for Radio)

    Various information on content (interruptions in a soundtrack, interference, etc.).

  • Origin

    Specifies the geographic origin of Ina's regional and overseas territories collections. Examples: Ajaccio, Grenoble, Marseille, RFO Martinique, RFO Reunion Island.

  • Parent note

    If the number of a note on a news broadcast is entered, all the news reports broadcast during that news programmes will be displayed.

  • Partner collection

    A collection for which Ina has signed a contract with a partner to manage the rights. Examples: Roland Garros, TF1 Actu (since 08/2002), AFP Vidéo, Thierry Ardisson.

  • Personal note

    A note written by the user on a documentary note, a User extract or a search file. Personal notes on documentary notes and user extracts are represented by a pictogram in lists of search files, shopping basket and time-coded file downloads.

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    You may use this criterion in Advanced search when you are not sure of the spelling of a word. For example, if you do a search for “Mitterran” without further specification, you will obtain 18 TV results. If you do a phonetic search for the same term, you will obtain 42,850 TV results.

  • Producer information (for Radio only)

    Various information communicated by the programme producers.

  • Producers

    A field that mentions the name and company acronym of the producer, the place and year of production, and the role of the producer.

  • Programme

    A programming unit. Examples: the 8pm News on France 2 (Journal de 20 heures), Apostrophe.

  • Programme title

    Title of the programme broadcast. For example: Sept sur sept is the title of the weekly programme presented by Anne Sinclair, broadcast by TF1 from 12 September 1981 to 29 June 1997.

  • Recording date (only for Radio)

    Date at which the programme was recorded.

  • Request history

    A page that displays the history of shopping baskets, and Time-coded file downloads and search requests sent to Ina.

  • Search request

    A form that allows the user to ask Ina archivists to conduct a search that is invoiced.

    (Video) Robin Gibb - Saved By The Bell (1969)

  • Sequences (TV)

    Description of the main visual sequences, notably in the case of magazine programmes, documentaries and television news programmes.

  • Simple search

    A direct search in all words and all Television and Radio collections.

  • Square brackets operator [ ]

    When you key in a search by keyword, for example, cats, the automatic translation system translates this word into French. To indicate to the search engine that it should not translate the words or the expression you are searching for, put them into square brackets [cats].

  • Summary

    Describes the programme sequence and content.

  • Summary note

    Describes a complete programme.

  • Television or radio company

    Acronym of broadcaster. Examples: ORTF, A2, France 2.

  • Theme-based collection

    Synonymous with “theme-based file”. A number of complete programmes, news reports or extracts selected by Ina archivists on a theme or personality.

  • Theme-based file

    Synonymous with “theme-based collection”. A number of complete programmes, news reports or extracts selected by Ina archivists on a theme or personality.

  • Thesaurus

    Standard vocabulary used in archive databases. This is a list of terms associated with an area of knowledge, linked together because they are synonymous, or related by hierarchy or association.

  • Time-slot title

    Title covering several programmes in one particular time-slot. For example: the Dimanche Martin time-slot included L’Ecole des fans, Entrez les artistes, etc.

  • Title

    Is applied to the particular programme, to the news report or the extract/clip. For example: “Robert Badinter and Richard Berry” is the title of that week's Sept sur sept programme broadcast on 1 Octobre 1995.

  • Title of original programme

    For theme-based documents, distinguishes between the title of the extract/clip and the document it came from.

  • Truncation

    An archive search process. Several letters that form the root of a word are entered, preceded and/or followed by an asterisk. The engine will search through all the words made up from this root. For example: asked to search for “pol” *, the engine will search through the documentary notes for the words “policy”, “politics”, “politician”.

    It is the same as using the operator “Search for all terms beginning with” or Search for all terms ending” in advanced search.

  • Type of archive

    Specifies whether the archive is theme-based, i.e. integrated into a theme-based file.

  • Type of note

    Specifies whether it is a summary note, a news report note, an isolated note or an episode note.

  • Type of production

    Specifies the programme's legal status. Examples: own production, co-production, rights purchased.

  • Type of programme (Radio)

    (Video) The Forgotten Story of Pixieland: The Oregon Coast Amusement Park

    Specifies whether it is a news programme, a production or a rediffusion of a musical or theatrical work or a radio drama.

  • Type of programme (TV)

    Specifies whether it is a news programme or a production.

  • Videogram

    A programme made up of several parts, which must be broadcast in a given order. For example: a series or a serial.

  • Works (Radio)

    Field that mentions the title, the composers and the duration of the works performed and the performers.

  • Works (TV)

    field that mentions the title, the language and the nature of the works performed, the title of the original work and an indication of a solo performance or duet.

  • “Quotes” operator

    Enables the user to search for an exact expression. It is exactly like using “Search for exact expression” that exists in advanced search criteria.

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See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (1)

1968, a year of protest worldwide

This collection offers an overview of protests all over the world in 1968, country by country. It shows the various origins and points of convergence in eastern and western countries as well as in the developing countries.

See Theme-based collection

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (2)


This collection covers the terrorist attacks now known as 9-11 and their consequences. On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 two commercial aircraft were hijacked and driven into the Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Center. A third plane crashed into the Pentagon and a fourth in Pennsylvania.

See Theme-based collection

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (3)


Anniversaries, events, calendar - this collection features a selection of events and multimedia content classified by year, month and date.

See Theme-based collection

(Video) 30 Most Famous Classical Piano Pieces

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (4)


The coup d'état on September 11, 1973 in Chile, organised by General Augusto Pinochet, put an end to the Socialist government of Salvador Allende. The collection focuses on the causes and consequences.

See Theme-based collection

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (5)


This theme-based collection covers the major scientific and technological events in the 20th century, but also those that affected social and political life and the arts. The collection in no way claims to be comprehensive and is added to regularly. The origins of the rights involved are all clearly indicated.

See Theme-based collection

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (6)


A collection on Zionism, the first kibbutzes, the declaration of independence made by David Ben Gourion on May 14, 1948 and the gradual development of the country until 1967.

See Theme-based collection

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (7)

LARZAC 1971-1981

In 1971, the French govenrment decided to increase the area taken up by the military camp on the Larzac plateau in central France. Over 100 farmers threatened with expulsion used non-violent tactics to fight the expropriations. Their struggle lasted ten years until the project was withdrawn when François Mitterrand was elected President.

See Theme-based collection

See Theme-based collection Ina MEDIAPRO / Theme History - MAJOR EVENTS - MAY 68 (8)

MAY 68

This collection contains all the customary footage on May 68 in Paris - student demonstrations, clashes with police, barricades at night and huge processions - but also, and more surprising, footage from the French regions: occupied factories, debates in university amphitheatres, city and rural workers demonstrating side by side.

See Theme-based collection

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