Songs About Angels, Evil, and Running Around on Fire, by Thingy (2023)


The notes.
The chords.
The vibratto.
The 4/4.

I want nothing less than a public demonstration.
A kicking of asses.
I want nothing less than the
Total destruction of musical structure
And build me a church on what's left.
Build me a church on what's standing.
Build me a church.

The fashion.
The fights.
The labels.
The lies.

I want nothing less than a public demonstration.
The spanking of asses.
I want nothing less than the
Total destruction of musical culture.


Get the hell out of my room.
Get out of my house right now.

I make you disappear.
I sample you all into my...

I hit effect select.
I hit reverse.
I hit effect select,
Then I hit...

Down in the big swell,
That's where the inkwell.

My SK5.

Look at my myself talk quietly.
Tell the mirror I've gone away
And if someone should visit me
Leave a message, I'll be back soon

And I'll be sure
To bring back some gifts for you all
And a bottle that we can share

Follow me there.
Don't follow me anywhere.

I can wear olive drab.
That don't mean I'm sad.
I can wear olive drab.
That don't mean I'm happy.

Pass away, olive drab.
Wash away.
Not needed.

I swear I will try to be the best person I can.


Thins, stop eating my strings.
Didn't touch my pizza.

You don't have to waste my time
By going over things
Again and again and again.
Please pass the onion rings.


What did he mean when he said that to me?
The most honest thing that's ever been said to me,
But I don't unsterstand.


I dropped out today,
But I give a shit, anyway.

I've been faught,
I've been beaten,
I've been burned at the stake,
But, I just can't see the fake

I'm in your town to wreck myself,
So, if you could please listen,
Fuck the man and smash the state.
There will be a test, listen,

(Video) Thingy — Songs About Angels, Evil and Running Around On Fire (1997) FULL ALBUM

I'm just in town to lose myself,
So, set me on fire,
I'm freezing.


I want to be numb
Keep em' coming.

Ease off
Ease on.

If I can't kill you off,
I have to melt you off.

Yesterday I felt the sun.
It wasn't so bad.
Why does the sun
always make me so sad?

Stand there,
Fucking up my shit
with your eyes.

Give back the man.


Hey, Mister Barkeep,
Could you top me off?

I believe what my eye's see
And little Frances and Elsie
And Doyle's lantern and slides
Have convinced me.

I know it sounds crazy,
I feel, half the time,
The Cottingley Fairies
Watching from behind.

I can feel their stare
And I want to see them there.


In water, the cigarette lights itself.
It's burning on both end.

In nature, Man takes two
And makes one break.
We're burning on both ends.

I liked you.
Too bad you got fucked up.
Couldn't wait.
Wasted me in your wake.

The animals go by three.


Too scared to ask.
Too bored to last long in here with me

And you ask me how, why,
And beg my assurance.
Not gonna happen.

People, look.
Evil Shadow hanging out with me.

I don't know why you'd ask me,
Of all people.
Just look at me.


The best way to control thew youth,
Rather than force them in line,
Is somehow make evil look good,
And watch them throw themselves in the ovens.

And you can dance
And take their shitty drugs
To their techno marching bands,
Which is quite similar to what they in boot camp

(Video) Thingy - Honest

Jedi good/Dark side bad.
People good/People bad

Revolution in a box.
Can't wait for the happy meal.

Watch them stagedive into the ovens.

I could be singing anything
And then you follow what I sing.

I have, want, and need to fuck shit up.


I wish that I could finish my homework,
But the passing seasons are really getting to me
And the few friends that I have
Want me to come out and play
But I'm stuck inside my room
Eating my eraser.

I wanna go,
But I have to stay
Cause I really wanna do O.K.
And I would if I could
Concentrate for over 30 seconds.

I wanna play.

Homework bums me out
Autumn bums me out.
My room bums me out.
My attention disorder bums me out.


And I don't really know what to say,
Cept that maybe it should be important
And I don't even know it's name.
If it we're a dog, I'd call it Rover.

And then something should go right here.
Maybe something about being an alcoholic
And the skyrocketing price of beer.

I wish I could do drugs.


I feel fine.


Four o'clock alarm next door.
They'll let it go forever.
That woman can scream like a siren
At kids throwing stones in the driveway.

Staring out my window.

I have spent hours in murky green bars
And overloaded cars looking out the window.

I can recall the grey nights
Of riding around on the High Speed Line
Sitting in the cab flying backwards
And playing guitar with that one string.

Maybe, it would be great
If I could go back to that old place again.
Round up my friends.
We would drink wine.
We would remember stories much easier
Than looking out our windows.


I hit bottom.

Hell, yeah
I'm afraid that everything that I made will go unheard,
And then, If it's heard, would be the butt of
Someone's evil joke.

You don't understand my bullshit.
You are not expected to at all.

(Video) Thingy - Thins

Slimey and gross.
Straight from my inside to you.

I'm so burned out.

My personal war against evil
Is no real threat
To the bastard that fuck me up,
But if I close my eyes and song gibberish,
It makes me feel better.


Semolina do the macarena.
Shake it.

Do the lambada.

Saraghina, rhumba rhumba.


It should stop.
We should all be destroyed
For the horrible crimes
Against anything we could get our hands on.

Even the cutest baby
Will grow up to be a dickhead.
Humans are mostly assholes.
You're even probably a shithead.

I wish it wasn't true,
But it is true.

Won't be considered finished
Till Earth is uninhabitable.
Anyone with half a conscience
Would feed themselves to the animals.

Government obviously doesn't work,
But we'll never see it fall.
Shouldn't have ever existed
If we had the balls to think for ourselves.

Hostages from the moment we're born.


I'm completely enshrouded by a wave of depression.
I've lost the will to wake up mornings.
I've lost the will to will to lose myself.

Up before the dawn.
Pushing, crawling, to serve jerks like you.

It screams and then it runs around.
It wishes it was dumb enough
To pretend that it could fly
So it could crash through your glass house.

It knows it's no forehead touching neurotic.
It's beyond that.
It's on a mission to crush the dishonorable.

Angels smash in my window.
You fly by.
Roaches fly in my bedroom.


From the back of a rental car,
Through the mist and the rain I see the sign.
First turns one color,
Then another.
With a torrential splashing, I say goodbye.

I don't want to move away.

And when you call,
I'll listen.

There's nothing more deppressing to me
Than the fluorescent lights
Of an airport lounge.
You could be coming,
You could be going,
But either way you have to say goodbye.


(Video) Thingy - Thins

I wanted to explode,
But I was too tired
And I won't jump a bridge for you,
But I would light you on fire.

Tear some notes up in a pile
And then I'll watch them burning,
Gather them in cellophane
And that will be my anthem.

I wanted you to stop
Doing all of those things
That you find it so natural to.

Wrap my head in duct tape
And run around on fire.
Scream at the top of my lungs
About my personal doctrine.

I wanted to explode,
But I was too tired.

I'll leave you alone
If you leave me alone.

Even as I watch the song
I can hear them burning.

I am right and you are wrong.
Don't wanna hear your ending.


I will take this one to go.
What is with me?
I don't know.

That's fine.
You know,
It's on the downlow.

Most of us seen already ivy.

I'm going there now.

It's so fun to ride down
When we go-cart.

Va room.


I'm goin' out.
Falling asleep against my will.
There was something I was 'spose to remember.

And I can count a million sheep
And still not get a good sleep.
And so I'll remember to look for my hands
If I start dreaming
And if I realize where I am
Then I'll do something neat.
The feeling of total control.
Aware of my surroundings.

And then I'll pay the rent.


Sometimes it all seems so clear
When my head breaks from the water.
Everything I held so dear
Suddenly doesn't seem to matter.

And I've been here the whole time.

I won't say I hear them
If you won't say you hear them too.

Sick as perfume.
Turning my stomach.
Smells of you.

Angels crash land to Earth
Like raindrops on fire all around me.
Don't know if they're trying to save me,
Or just there for my amusement.

Sometimes evil tries so hard.
Sometimes evil tries too hard.

(Video) Thingy - Nod


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