The Most Anticipated Superhero Movies Of 2022, According To Reddit (2023)

After many delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, various superhero films will probably be launched in 2022. It contains properties launched underneath the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC Extended Universe, and another banners in quite a lot of genres.

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Fans on Reddit are often vocal about what movies they’re most enthusiastic about, with loads of causes behind why these specific films have that stand out for them. With a whole lot of TV exhibits additionally becoming a member of the combination resulting from Disney+ and HBO Max accommodating them, it’s value wanting into the flicks that will probably be launched periodically by way of the yr.

10 Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom

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There aren’t any shortages of likable protagonists played by Jason Momoa, though Aquaman is likely to be his hottest. The second film for the DC hero has many intrigued, with some like Redditor MaxiPackage commenting that they are going to “watch, but depends on trailers/reviews.”

That mentality is smart for the reason that story continues to be tightly underneath wraps apart from the implication {that a} new a part of Atlantis will probably be discovered. The first film was an enormous hit for the DCEU, turning into its highest-grossing film, so it’s greater than doubtless that the identical blockbuster leisure will probably be current within the follow-up.

9 The Guardians Of The GalaxyHoliday Special

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There’s all the time a very good mix of music, motion, and powerful characters in Guardians of the Galaxy movies, which has enabled the 2022 vacation particular to be as anticipated as full-length films. Redditor 00wolfer00 is in it for aesthetic enchantment, writing they “loved the soundtracks of the previous two, so hoping for another good mix.”

The particular will probably be a TV movie of about 45 minutes, however it’s sure to have James Gunn’s trademark musical combine that the Guardians of the Galaxy have made in style. The story will carry the theme of Christmas and can bridge the hole with the third film and the fallout from the battle towards Thanos.


8 Morbius

Redditor genericdude999 is one in every of many followers who need to give Morbius an opportunity as a result of they really feel it’s “different from a standard vampire/werewolf/guy-turns-into-monster-sometimes plot.” Sony’s Spider-Man Universe has modified issues up, making the superhero’s common villains out to be heroes.

While DCEU followers proceed to marvel if Jared Leto will get a solo Joker film, they will make do with this one the place the actor is within the lead position as nicely. It seems to deal with the character in additional of a sympathetic mild, which permits for sufficient intrigue for followers to see how the film will pull it off.

7 Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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Things have majorly modified from authentic plans for this film ever for the reason that sudden demise of the primary star Chadwick Boseman. Redditor robojo124 voices out what everybody’s pondering, in that they need to see how the film will “deal with the death of T’Challa and the intro of Namor.”

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While the supervillain Namor hasn’t been confirmed to be within the movie, many have speculated he may seem for the reason that story will look into outreaches of Wakanda. Mainly, followers are curious how T’Challa’s absence will have an effect on the plot, together with what the nation has in retailer other than what was seen within the first film.

6 Black Adam

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Team-up films have all the time been The Rock’s forte, with a number of movie duos that Johnson has been a part of. However, this DCEU film will probably be a departure for the actor, who will probably be seen in a villainous position. Redditor 00wolfer00 thinks will probably be value it as a result of “The Rock has more hits than misses.”

The Rock has had a lot of field workplace smash hits within the final decade, so it’s a straightforward guess that Black Adam will proceed the pattern. The story will set him as much as be the nemesis of Shazam, with implications that he’ll later additionally problem Superman. Fans are largely excited to see if the film can shake issues up for the DCEU going ahead.

5 The Flash

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Redditor kayriss’ pleasure is palpable as they declare that they’re “foaming at the mouth to see Michael Keaton reprise Batman.” DCEU’s The Flash is ready to introduce the multiverse to the franchise, which is able to see Michael Keaton’s Batman bounce into this universe to turn out to be its major Caped Crusader.

In addition, the story will look into Barry’s try to avoid wasting his mom’s life and mark the return of Ezra Miller because the titular character after 5 years. The multiverse idea is all the time a straightforward draw for followers, which locations The Flash in a first-rate place to be a game-changer.

4 Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

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Redditor Dapper-Property-7781 is happy that “Sam Raimi is returning to comic book movies after over a decade and the horror elements.” The director stays a well-liked determine as a result of Spider-Man trilogy, which noticed a revival inside the MCU just lately. The goodwill from that’s sure to observe by way of within the MCU’s instant multiversal movie.

Doctor Strange will probably be traversing totally different realities when Baron Mordo will mess issues up, with the implication that Strange must staff up with an evil model of himself. With Raimi confirmed to be bringing his aptitude for horror into the film, it might be the MCU’s most formidable but.

3 Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse

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Pretty a lot everybody who needs to see this film is driving on the unimaginable benchmark set by its predecessor, with Redditor ImpulsiveShotput set to look at as a result of they “LOVED Into the Spiderverse.” The first entry stunned nearly everybody to go on to win the Oscar for Best Animated Picture and expectations are sky-high now.

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Early previews appear to point extra of what viewers noticed the primary time, with Miles Morales once more encountering totally different Spider-People from throughout the multiverse. With Spider-Man: No Way Home delivering a success with the live-action Spider-Verse, the anticipation for the animated sequel has heated additional.

2 Thor: Love And Thunder

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Chris Hemsworth injected new life into his portrayal of Thor in the previous couple of movies and curiosity is important to see how he develops. Redditor robojo124 shares these sentiments writing they “can’t wait for more Thor because (they) love this character.”

Thor has been a fan favourite for a very long time, however he was final seen leaving to an unknown future after giving up the throne of Asgard. He is the primary MCU hero to obtain 4 solo films and this one will function issues like how he leaves the Guardians of the Galaxy, together with Thor’s involvement in Jane Foster turning into worthy of Mjolnir.

1 The Batman

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Robert Pattinson’s debut because the Caped Crusader has everybody hyped, with Redditor Dapper-Property-7781 writing they assume it seems “absolutely amazing from the cinematography to the score to the comic accuracy to the atmosphere.”

It will probably be an appropriately darkish tackle the DC character, as The Batman will go all-out with portraying Bruce Wayne’s inside darkness and the Dark Knight’s brutal methods in doling out justice. With superhero materials largely turning into mild in presentation, this one indicators a shift that may simply shake up the style altogether.

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