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2006 film

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Directed by Lauren Greenfield
Produced by
  • R. J. Cutler
  • Lauren Greenfield
  • Amanda Micheli
  • Ted Skillman
  • Shelly Guillory
  • Brittany Robinson
  • Alisa Williams
  • Polly Williams
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Edited by Kate Improve
Music by Miriam Cutler
Distributed by HBO

Release date

Language English

Sparse (ofttimes styled equally Sparse ) is a 2006 cinéma vérité documentary film directed past Lauren Greenfield and distributed by HBO. It was filmed at The Renfrew Center of Florida in Coconut Creek, a 40-bed residential facility for the handling of women with eating disorders. The center has been described as "one of the nation'southward best-known inpatient eating disorders centres".[1] The moving picture follows four women with anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and other eating disorders in their struggle for recovery. The moving-picture show premiered at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival in 2005,[ii] earlier premiering to the general public on November 14, 2006 on HBO.[3]

Production [edit]

Greenfield describes the making of Thin equally "[...] a continuation of my decade-long exploration of trunk image and the manner the female torso has get a primary expression of identity for girls and women in our time."[4]

Greenfield first visited The Renfrew Center in 1997 on consignment for Time magazine.[v] She later returned to photograph young women for her personal project, the photo-volume and art exhibition, Girl Culture.[6] Following multiple trips to the facility, she gained their trust and support to begin using it to film Thin, her directorial debut which she produced in collaboration with R.J. Cutler.

Living at the middle for half-dozen months, Greenfield and director of photography Amanda Micheli received unrestricted access to film staff meetings, therapy sessions, mealtimes and daily weigh-ins that depict the highly structured routine of inpatients' daily lives. The flick explores their turbulent interpersonal relationships, and highlights the efforts of the Renfrew medical squad and the circuitous tasks they face.

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Main Participants [edit]

Shelly [edit]

Shelly Guillory is a 25-year-one-time psychiatric nurse who enters the Heart at the beginning of the pic with a PEG feeding tube surgically implanted in her stomach. She admits herself into Renfrew after ten hospitalizations. On her arrival she weighs 84.three pounds, having been anorexic for vi years and tube fed for five of those years. She has an identical twin, Kelly, who does non have an eating disorder.

Shelly describes a reliance on diverse mood stabilizers and tranquilizers and has volatile mood swings throughout the film, in particular getting very angry and aggressive when stolen food mistakenly attributed to her and pulse deficits lead to her being accused of purging.

The epilogue states that Shelly lost 17 pounds later belch and underwent electric daze therapy to treat her depression.

Polly [edit]

Pollack "Polly" Ann Williams has been at Renfrew for nine weeks. She admitted herself after a suicide endeavour over two slices of pizza, explaining that while they weren't the whole motivation, they were "kind of the straw that broke the camel's back".[7] When interviewed she says that "dieting has always been a huge function of my life" and that she was "counting calories and counting fatty by the time [she] was xi".

She celebrates her 30th birthday in the Center and seems to be making progress with her anorexia but has trouble with some of the rules. She is expelled after Shelly tells the staff about Polly getting the NEDA symbol tattooed on her hip while on a day laissez passer from the Eye. This incident was compounded by giving mood stabilizers to Shelly. Shelly told staff that Polly had given her Neurontin after the pills were discovered in her room during a routine check for contraband.

Upon existence given her 24-hour observe to leave, Polly expresses despair and purges on camera. She was described in the epilogue as continuing to have trouble with purging and weight loss, and that she ultimately died in February 2008 at age 33.

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Brittany [edit]

Brittany Robinson is a xv-yr-sometime student who was admitted to Renfrew with liver harm, a depression eye rate and hair loss after dropping from 185 to 97 pounds in less than a twelvemonth. She describes herself as a compulsive over-eater from the age of 8, leading into compulsive dieting and anorexia from the historic period of 12, citing "a bad body image" and a craving for credence amongst her peers as her motivation to lose weight.

Co-ordinate to Brittany, her mother besides has an eating disorder and in an interview, Brittany describes how they would take "the greatest fourth dimension" with "chew and spit"; chewing "bags and numberless of candy" and spitting it out without swallowing. Her female parent's experience of anorexia is touched upon in greater detail in an interview in the film'southward companion book, also titled Greenfield, Lauren; Herzog, David B.; Strober, Michael (12 Oct 2006). Thin . ISBN0-8118-5633-X.

Throughout the film Brittany is resistant to recovery, explaining that she would similar to lose "another forty pounds" and that she "simply want[s] to be thin". She tells her nutritionist she has purged twelve times since entering Renfrew and walks out of grouping therapy in tears when her dedication to recovery is challenged past Polly.

Brittany's insurance benefits run out, forcing her to exit treatment early on. She relapses into anorexia before leaving, prompting concern amongst patients and staff, and is released confronting medical advice.

The epilogue states that she began to restrict after discharge and lost weight rapidly. Insurance would not pay for farther treatment.

Alisa [edit]

Alisa Williams, a 30-year-former divorced mother of two, traces her eating problems dorsum to an incident at the pediatrician when she was 7 and put on a nutrition which and then led to anorexia. She describes massive rampage/purge sessions which resulted in hospitalizations due to the resulting dehydration and her severe corruption of diuretics, hydrochlorothiazide, laxatives, enemas and ipecac.

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Apart from her binges, which she describes as occurring "every few weeks or so, over and over again, for three or four days", she was restricting to under 200 calories a twenty-four hour period prior to entering Renfrew. She had been hospitalized five times in the three months leading to her admittance to the Center. Having struggled with her eating disorder for xvi years, Alisa took disability leave from her job as a pharmaceutical rep in guild to enter treatment.

Alisa seems to reply well to Renfrew and towards the finish of her stay expresses a want to "gustation recovery".

After belch, Alisa struggles through dinner with her children and Shelly at a restaurant. She picks at her food and takes tiny bites. The picture subsequently shows Alisa, agitated and pacing around her habitation, distract her ii children with cartoons and waffles as she enters her bathroom to purge repeatedly. The epilogue reveals that she would keep to lose 20 pounds and attempt suicide, and that she returned to Renfrew for handling and maintained a salubrious weight after leaving.

Participant condition updates [edit]

  • In 2008, Shelly reported that she was successfully recovering from her eating disorder.[eight] In 2010, she was featured in a news feature about her and her friend's recovery from anorexia, which stated that the attention Guillory received later the film debuted triggered a relapse.[two] Guillory subsequently went to rehab for a drug addiction, and described herself in the article equally no longer having an eating disorder.[ii]
  • Polly moved to Chattanooga after leaving Renfrew, went dorsum to schoolhouse to study photography and was managing a studio at the time of the film'southward release. She died at her residence on February viii, 2008 due to an overdose of sleeping pills.[9] Her decease is believed to take been a suicide.[10]
  • Brittany is now fully recovered and a mother of three. There was a rumor that she became addicted to heroin, just that has been proven imitation.[ citation needed ]
  • Alisa reportedly recovered from her eating disorder and began work as a teacher.[eleven]

Awards [edit]

Thin was selected for competition at the 2006 Sundance Moving-picture show Festival and won the John Grierson Award for best feature-length documentary at the London Film Festival 2006. It has also screened at Hot Docs and Total Frame, as well as film festivals in Chicago, Vancouver, Austin, St. Louis, Ojai, Galway and Sweden. It received the 2006 Documentary Grand Jury Prize at the Boston Independent Motion picture Festival, Newport International Film Festival and Jackson Hole Film Festival. It has as well been nominated for an International Documentary Clan Award.

References [edit]

Thin past Lauren Greenfield, ISBN0-8118-5633-X

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Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin_(film)#:~:text=She%20died%20at%20her%20residence,that%20has%20been%20proven%20false.


Who passed away from the documentary Thin? ›

Polly Williams, one of the women featured in the HBO documentary “Thin,” was found dead last Friday, according to reports. Williams (whose real name was Pollack Ann Williams) died at her Tennessee residence, and according to a report by the New York Post's Page Six, it is believed to be a suicide.

What is the movie Thin about? ›

What happened to the girls from the documentary Thin? ›

Polly moved to Chattanooga after leaving Renfrew, went back to school to study photography and was managing a studio at the time of the film's release. She died at her residence on February 8, 2008 due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Her death is believed to have been a suicide.


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